Our first priority is the health and safety of our teams and clients. We have been proactive to integrate social distancing and sanitation measures according to CDC guidelines for  businesses through this time. Not only are we continuing to operate responsibly according to these guidelines, we have also ensured to equip your business with reliable products to allow you to phase into safe business operations, while protecting your employees and clients. These protective health products aim to guard physical exposure, and promote physical distancing that health care professionals have deemed vital to limiting the spread of COVID-19. We strongly believe these products not only provide the critical protection you need as you move forward, but they will also provide your valued people with the peace of mind necessary for  increased productivity and patronization.

protective health


Countertop Health Screens & Protective Entrances

Our custom protective health shields and entrances are designed to use products that are aimed at promoting physical distancing that offer protection to workers and customers to continue safe business operations. These protective sliders, or transaction shields are available in glass or plexiglass.  Partnered with our metal systems, these can also be designed as a full protective entrance system.


Workspace Partitions

We realize many work and business spaces are designed with open layout concepts and shared spaces. We can easily accommodate your layout while preserving aesthetics with glass or plexiglass partitions to supply your needs and provide reliable protection for your valued team members.


Employee/Customer Portable Protection Options

Our goal is to meet the critical needs of our clients to protect themselves, as well as their customers, in this new way of conducting business. If you need portable options of plexiglass shields or sneeze guards, and other protective measures, such as medical boxes or custom use products, we are available to  help design and find the solution together.